Saturday, November 12, 2016

Exploring Data Learning With Public Medical Databases

Tracking Herd Mentality In Citation Graphs of Psychiatry Research Papers

One method of ranking scientific papers and their authors is by comparing counts of other published papers that cite them...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Laptop Hard Drive Enclosures

I recently helped a friend restore their data from a laptop. A simple spill, and the computer would not start. I had an enclosure in my box of computer peraphernalia, though not the type I needed for the Dell 2.5" SATA drive, so I ordered two by way of/from, as they were cheap and I wanted the opportunity to compare.

The boxes contain similar aluminum enclosures, Y-cables (USB for the generic and microUSB for the StarTech), tiny screws, and tiny screwdrivers, though the overall effect is quite different. The StarTech came in the much smaller package, which was stiffer and felt more solid than the generic. On the downside, and the inspiration for this entry, the device was brightly logo'd on both sides, while the generic nearly plain metal. A company could buy these in bulk and print their information on each case, as a distribution and version-control channel for media, data, and so on. Between overnight mail and the diminishing cost of small hard drives, an effective super broad-band delivery network could save costs for a large tier of smaller technology and media business operations.

The delivery network itself should optimally map an address to online content(lists) and next-day air cash-on-delivery the extended resources.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TechBio Builds Data Base Resources

New data acquisitions, feedback tools and bot technology are extending a foundation of research and custom content/information development at TechBio.

Site development and improvements are continuing as need arises, or time permits.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Data Mining, Custom Research, Industry and Company Information Listings

An aspect of free information which enables huge advantages for small business, academic research and web development in a distributed, agile world exists in coordinating reference databases and deep analysis.

techBio is a resource to help develop your data context in any information domain.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

techBio Quietly Knows About SEO and SEM

Caveat Emptor: Neither I nor techBio are practicing search optimization or marketing specialists providing such services.

Search engine optimization is described elsewhere. Search engine marketing is a separate but typically conflated set of services.

Two unsupported conclusions come to mind.

1. As major search engines tune their algorithms to provide useful, relevant and authoritative results, the only realistic long play strategy for SEO and SEM is to provide a concise and communicative website, with simple close navigation to concise and informative webpages.

My assumptions, without any special knowledge, are that textual content* is analyzed for keyword prevalence (addressed by keyword optimization) by a simple, deceptively powerful heuristic.

a) key words and terms are collected by matching against a less-common-words dictionary, and scored by relative universal-usage uniqueness (inverse of word frequency in text containing that word)

b) score for each keyterm is weighted proportionally to position in document, with more points added for position in heading text such as title, url, h1, h2,h3, position in a list, emphasis, inverse frequency throughout domain and keyword/text ratio is scaled by this proportion

c) scores for ranked and analyzed sites and pages linking in are summed and multiplied by each keyterm, resulting in an ordered list of keywords by computed score

d) the summed value of keyterms is page is scaled by down a readability analysis score

Everything else on the page will be all but irrelevent with respect to content and design optimization. The last entry (d) in the above list checks for reasonably natural prose, loosely defined as normal distribution of words and phrases and grammatical correctness.

2) Web sites that have built some traffic will be acquired by companies with deep pockets, and their links, traffic, data, content and users merged into larger corporation's domains and services. These sites will be bought at purely economical valuations. Sites which are well developed and run smoothly, provide simple and useful tools and content, and are organically search optimized will be valued far higher than guerilla coded and jungle optimized websites.

Anyway, that is what I am betting my time and effort on.

* Assuming for text content, in order of priority: title, url, included URLs, remote incoming links and inline local links, and all page text between markup

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Arrived at the party

Technorati Profile

TechBio is spending lots of time and experiment with passive revenue from Google AdSense, affiliate referrals and long tail development through Snapspans.

It is a test bed for consulting work in the present and near future.